About me...... hmmmmm how do I begin?

Well, for starters, my name is Nikki. I could tell you my whole life story, which could be interesting to some but I feel like the only way to really know me is to get together for lunch and chat. (want to? just call me. I'd love to) How about I give you a few highlights; I'm a little 5 foot 1, red-headed Irish girl that loves her wonderful husband of 15 years, her 2 cute Labradores, reading, riding motorcycles and enjoying life as much as possible.

Life happens

I never thought growing up that I would be in the industry. I actually never thought I would find someone that would want to marry me 😉 I wanted to be a police detective. I went to college and started on my double major of Criminal Justice and Psychology BUT in 2002 I lost my dad to liver cancer and my world changed. I couldn't focus. I no longer had the drive. Sooooooo, I dropped out. (bummer I know, just keep reading).

How it all began

2.5 years later, I went back but decided that I wanted to pursue a new path and got a degree in Business Management not really knowing what I was going to do with it but just really wanted to finish.... for dad. Right around the time I graduated (2008), 2 of my very close girlfriends got married the same year and I was the matron of honor in both. Well, I liked planning for them and just dove in offering help to other people (for a fee of course) Then in 2010 I got into decorating.

Fast forward to 2017

My friend that owed a few photo booths wanted to sell and move on to something different. I wanted in. Once I acquired them and did a few events I was HOOKED and fell in LOVE. After many sleepless nights, my hubby and I decided to sell all the decor and concentrate on photo booths.

So why, right?

Have you been in a photo booth?? We saw how friends and families gathered together and encouraged each other to use the booth in order to CAPTURE a moment in time that they will forever treasure. Just seeing the looks and hearing their laughter made our hearts swell. If all I ever do in my life is create an experience for all generations that will have a lasting impression and memory for a lifetime to come, then I have done my job as a human being.

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